The Interior Design Firm That Values Transparency And Communication

The Interior Design Firm That Values Transparency And Communication

When looking to engage an interior design firm, chances are that the more tangible aspects of the firm will take top priority as the main factors for our consideration. Elements such as price, accreditation, and portfolio may be important things to look out for, but the intangible aspects are just as crucial. With the latter, we’re referring to how well the firm in question can commit to values such as transparency and communication.

Why are intangible values like transparency and clear communication so important?

A good design firm can come up with amazing designs and promise you the place that you have always dreamed of. A truly committed design firm, however, is one that can not only do all that, but also give you a peace of mind via an incredibly smooth-running renovation process. 

These responsible firms tend to have one thing in common, which is – you guessed it – the ability to demonstrate essential values like trust, honesty, transparency and communication. Without it, clients can find themselves facing conflicts and disputes that are becoming more prevalent in the industry. We have heard horror stories of how renovations are endlessly delayed, and how hidden costs are racked up. The consequences of a bad renovation also stretch beyond short-term frustrations, as poor design and workmanship can ultimately result in unsafe living environments. This is precisely why it is so important to find a firm who doesn’t just produce tangible results, but also goes the extra mile to communicate and be transparent with their clients.

At this point you may find yourself wondering about the elephant in the room – how can we possibly determine these aspects, especially if they are intangible? To answer this question, we have identified 6 main aspects that are good indicators of said values, to make your firm selection process a little less daunting. 

1. Clear-cut Qualifications & Competency

SYRB is a professionally-run interior design company. Their team is equipped with the rich experience of a builder and good working knowledge of architecture/structural works.
Mr. Shashi Lal Kashyap
Client 1994 – Present

Not all interior designers (IDs) are created equal, as qualifications and experience can vary greatly between IDs and ID firms. For instance, some may not be professionally trained, while others may lack the relevant experience to take on certain projects. Finding an ID firm that is confident and transparent about their qualifications and abilities is therefore a great way to ensure that you are engaging with competent parties who are fully-equipped to take on your project.

Landed Property at Broadrick Rd

Cluster house at Gerald Drive

2. Proactiveness

During the 4-months renovation period, there wasn’t a single time when we felt the need to go to the site to check on the progress. SYRB had been extremely proactive in terms of updating us on the progress.
Mr. Chen Peng
Client 2017 – Present

Responsible ID firms will take charge by initiating and maintaining clear channels of communication, so as to keep the renovation process as transparent as possible. By doing so, clients will not have to worry excessively about the renovation, and constantly be the ones pushing for updates. Rather, this demonstration of transparency and communication on the firm’s part will go a long way in providing their clients with the greatest peace of mind.

3. Consistent updates

The detailed works & drawings, meetings after meetings to run through every detail, daily updates of the project works etc really amazed us!
Casey & Amy
Client 2019 – Present

A proactive ID firm also communicates consistently by providing the client with regular progress updates. Such consistent updates allow for the entire renovation process to be kept as transparent as possible, so that nothing is executed without approval from both ends. This also means that the clients will be the first to know should there be any delays, mishaps, or additional costs involved, and ultimately prevent any unpleasant surprises at the end of the project.

Condo at The Bale

Clementi Park Condominium

4. Two-way communication

They pay careful attention to our feedback at each phase of the work and the outcome is truly beautiful.
Mr. & Mrs Bob Tan
Client 2010 – Present

Responsible ID firms do not only provide consistent feedback, but also listens readily to feedback from their clients, such that the client always maintains full control of the project proceedings. In this regard, communication needs to be dual-directional for it to be truly effective in ensuring the best possible results, just like how it takes two hands to clap.

5. Honesty & Trust

We really appreciated our lead designer – Yong Xi – who would always try his best to accommodate our (sometimes weird) requests and give his honest opinions.
Stanley & Cheryl
Client 2018 – Present

ID firms that truly understand the importance of transparency will always have the clients’ best interests in mind, which means there should be no beating around the bush, or sugarcoating involved. It is essential that ID firms be completely honest about their clients’ opinions and requests, as it could otherwise result in further complications, delays or problems with the project. A good rule of thumb to follow is to openly discuss all aspects of the project thoroughly so that both parties can reach a consensus before the project commences.

Coco Palms Condominium

Apartment at Clementi

6. Continued assistance post-renovation

Even after the project handover, SYRB kept the communication channel open for us to feedback any issues we noticed upon our move in, and offered exceptional after-sales services.
Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas Pee
Client 2018 – Present

For any project, communication post-completion is just as important as communication during the process itself. By keeping in touch with clients and offering continued assistance even after the project has been completed, it sends the message that the firm is willing to take responsibility by holding itself accountable for the work done. This translates to an implicit promise that the workmanship matches what was proposed, is durable, and most importantly, to your satisfaction.


At the end of the day, an ID firm’s reliability and trustworthiness is heavily influenced by its commitment to values like transparency and communication. Such traits may seem hard to identify, but as we have shown, it is not entirely impossible. 

Be sure to look out for reviews and testimonials for firms that you are interested in, be it via digital mediums or simply through word-of-mouth. It is through such methods that we will best be able to identify the aforementioned indicators of a responsible firm. And if you find yourself wondering if it is really worth all the trouble to do so, let us assure you that finding a truly committed firm like SYRB can make all the difference in smoothing out an otherwise chaotic renovation journey.

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