Testimonials About SYRB


Staying in a beautiful home has always been our dream. So after we purchased our home, we prayed that we would be able to get a responsible and good ID company to design our new home. And indeed, God has sent SYRB to fulfill our wish for a new lovely home.


From our first enquiry to the handing over of our lovely home, the service was prompt and professional.


Tung Xan and Vanice are great leaders and led their team (including Designer Shu Hui and Site Supervisor Long Yan) well during the whole A&A project. They constantly kept us updated on the process of the works/schedule and clarify to us on any of our queries. They gave us piece of mind throughout the entire process.


Vanice/Shu Hui are outstanding designers and were very meticulous on the detailing of the whole home. They were also very hands on and were always on site to oversee the standard of the work. She constantly gave us advice and assistance on every small detail. The end products look very much alike from the rendering that they had proposed to us during the design stage.


I would say that SYRB Team has done an excellent job for us! It was a great pleasure working with such a professional team and we would not hesitate to recommend SYRB to any potential clients to engage their service!


-Mr. & Mrs. Darren Toh, Client 2020 – Present, Semi-Detached at Lichfield Road

Vanice, Ya Nan and Mr Ang are professional IDs who follow through from the thought process with us, discussion of functionality, practicality and design to the end of the project. The entire renovation from planning to handover was close to perfection. The timeline was followed as closely as possible and there was absolutely no delay in handover.
The photo updates of the renovation took their level of responsibility up another level. Never have I felt the need to worry.

We truly love our little place and feel thankful that they have helped us fulfill the plans.


On top of it all, their workers or contractors are all dedicated professionals in their own right. 

Carpenters are precise and careful, taking pride in their work. The workmanship is fabulous and thoughtful. They are very kind and helpful when I make a “mistake” with my decision, they will gladly help to rectify the choice. Professionalism and dedication at its best. They are very clean when they are installing all carpentry or even when it’s just drilling holes in the wall. Thank u so much for all the help you have given. The painter is also very experienced and does a very good job. Floor tiles and wet works were also very well done. No hollowness, no misalignment.


When the air-con compressor was giving us some issues, their AC contractor came down and tried to fix it and found out it was the compressor. We proceeded to make an appointment with the manufacturer and the contractor actually made time to come down to communicate the issue to the manufacturer servicemen. Once again, this demonstrates their dedication to their job. Even after full payment has been made, communication channels are kept open and help is still at hand. Even during this period when CNY is very near, and these jobs are minor, they still make the trip, do their job excellently and leave with a smile.


In a nutshell, I highly recommend SYRB and it’s team to anyone who’s looking for a reliable, dedicated, professional and creative ID. They will deliver beyond your expectations. 


-Gillian and Chee Yu, Client 2015 – Present, HDB Apartment at Bishan

When we embarked on our journey to fit out our new place, we made sure to undertake a rigorous selection process to identify an interior designer to partner with. Beyond the usual top-of-mind concerns (mainly to try and avoid the overpromise-but-underdeliver type of nightmare interior designers or fly-by-night outfits), we also endeavoured to identify an experienced team with discerning taste, who would work with us and not attempt to impose their vision on the client.


We are pleased to say that SYRB has validated our decision to work with them. The project team (Tung Xan, Vanice, Matthias and Yong Xi) impressed us greatly with their professionalism and dedication from the outset. From initial impressions (the extensive portfolio on their website), our first meeting (where they came fully prepared), numerous 4 to 6-hour long marathon-planning sessions, trips to furniture shops, the many days spent on-site etc. – their patience, attention to detail and work ethic has been patently clear to us. Their client-centric approach (a rare quality in the industry), emphasis on clear and timely communications and project management excellence gave us peace of mind and a firm conviction that we had made the right choice.


The carpentry (produced by their team of in-house carpenters), and overall quality of work, is top-notch. But what is particularly commendable is the fact that for SYRB, the project doesn’t end at handover. As Tung Xan is keen to reiterate, SYRB is committed to building a long-term relationship with their clients. To-date (more than a year after moving in), SYRB has been supporting us whole-heartedly in resolving post-renovation defects. They have also been extremely helpful in suggesting solutions to defects for which they are not directly responsible (instead of simply disclaiming responsibility); and even when things have gone wrong despite their best efforts, they have been open, honest and pragmatic in working with us to reach a resolution. This has reaffirmed our trust and given us added confidence to discuss our post-move phase 2 project with them!


As Tung Xan and Vanice would admit (but are probably too polite to say), we are hard to please clients with exacting standards (or “ngiao” in local parlance). But suffice to say SYRB has managed to impress us and more.


-Mr. & Mrs. KH Ang, Client 2018 – Present, Terrace at Toh Tuck

This is a testimonial to SYRB for the renovation works done at the above condo with a limited time duration of 12 weeks from start to finish. Our experience started from scanning through the internet for an Interior Design company to design our new home. We chanced upon SYRB and looked through their previous works. We were quite impressed with the works they had done previously and decided to telephone them. A simple phone call and we met with Mr Ang the very next day.


We engaged SYRB to do the interior design of our house after several meetings. We were presented with the 3D visuals of the designs as perceived by their designers. As we were in a rush, we only gave them two conditions for the job – complete and handover in 12 weeks and stay within the budget.


Work started 16 September 2019 and the house was handed over to us on 29 November 2019. One week earlier than expected. During the course of the renovation, there were numerous meetings and correspondences throughout, even through weekends. Accompaniment by the SRYB staff to purchase materials, furniture, and fittings to complete our home and to facilitate the renovation works smoothly. We noticed this about SYRB, they have never been late for any meetings!


We are overall very pleased with our new home. Friends have raved about the design and the use of space. If we were to offer a summary of SYRB’s work, it would be this:


“SYRB takes efficiency to a new level. They are professional, modern, and competent. There is pride in their work and is seen throughout the house.”


-David & Grace Lim, Client 2019 – Present, Condo at Clementi

Engaged SYRB as our interior designer for our new house was an effortless decision without any hesitation, because we know the owner himself as a responsible and honest businessman. His belief and principles influenced much on how his employees should deliver & meet customer expectations.


We have seen the workmanship of the carpentry works and quality of work that the firm can produce, it really impressed us! Besides the creative design, long experience in ID industry and quality of works, my hubby couldn’t stop complimenting them on their project management as he is an experienced project manager by profession. He could tell what is excellent or good enough project management. The detailed works & drawings, meetings after meetings to run through every details, daily updates of the project works etc really amazed us! We know we have engaged the right and best ID firm, we felt secured as we know our home is going to be a beautiful and functionable one!


In addition, they never stop amazing us because in one of the incidents, after the key was surrendered and we have moved in, the designer Shu Hui came and checked around the whole house once again to ensure everything are in place according to the plan, and functioning well. Out of our surprise, she noticed something was not done properly which we didn’t notice it, she quickly engaged the electrician to come down and fix the aesthetic problem which we thought it was not important as it is hidden, plus we have forgotten about it as it didn’t bother us much. But she did it perfectly for us and left us with peace and gladness. We are thankful and amazed with their professionalism, carefulness and thoughtfulness.


Together with my family, we strongly recommend SYRB as anyone’s preferred choice of ID firm simply because they are a trust worthy, responsible, meticulous, thoughtful and creative ID firm! I like their design because they make every home unique!

– Casey & Amy, Client 2019 – Present, Condo at The Bale

The decision to choose SYRB over other firms was an easy one. We have worked with the team before on our previous house and we TRUST them completely. The planning and discussions for the works related to our current house were done in the usual fashion, very professional and no hanky panky.


The team was then very precise yet efficient in their execution of all the related works. Regular text and photo updates were provided. Handover of the house was done on time and on target! The after sales service is top notch and one of the best in the industry in our opinion!


In summary, SYRB delivers and overly so. We will not hesitate to engage them again for our next home project!

– Dr. K. S. Ho, Client 2009 – Present, Semi-Detached at Victoria Park Grove

SYRB is the most professional interior design firm you would ever come across. From planning to execution and completion, we were truly impressed with the way our project was handled.


We had Matthias and Lucas as our designers, who took our initial ideas and made them better. The renovation completed on time within 10 weeks and the finishes were of top quality, especially the carpentry works.


Even after the project handover, SYRB kept the communication channel open for us to feedback any issues we noticed upon our move in, and offered exceptional aftersales services. It was an overall wonderful experience working with SYRB and we would definitely recommend them to anyone!


– Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas Pee, Client 2018 – Present, Apartment at Clementi

It was not a difficult decision for us to contract the services of SYRB as we have used them back in 2010 for a project in another location. But still, we went through the prudent process of getting quotes for the sizeable job at hand. SYRB was not the lowest but they came back with the more accurate quotation which clearly showed their understanding of our requirements. They also made an impressive presentation complete with three-dimensional views. Their proposals also included work that they thought might be worth considering to enhance the entire renovation but they were also prepared to listen to us and in the process, we came to an agreement to do only the necessary and in line with our budget.


The execution stage was professionally conducted with proper Gantt charts, professionally prepared three-dimensional views and detailed working drawings. Work could only proceed when these were fully agreed upon. Meetings were on time and detailed. The project started on time and completed in less than 12 weeks as promised. The project manager rose above expectations by being dedicated, responsive and obliging throughout the entire project. We also played our part in being proactive and worked closely with the project team. We inspected the work regularly and brought up issues that needed attention and correction. As with any project work, there were minor hiccups but these were quickly resolved.


We are completely pleased with SYRB’s above par performance and good quality of workmanship especially their high-quality carpentry and tiling works. They pay careful attention to our feedback at each phase of the work and the outcome is truly beautiful. To our knowledge and search, they are one of the better interior design companies in town. They are not the cheapest, nor the most expensive.


We would definitely not hesitate to use their services again and would certainly recommend them to other parties too when asked.

– Mr. & Mrs Bob Tan, client 2010 – Present, Clementi Park Condominium


Renovating an apartment and bringing to life your vision is a daunting task. The design of an apartment is very personal and so it’s important to find a designer who is able to understand and convert your ideas into reality.


In the months before we took possession of our new apartment, SYRB spent time understanding our requirements and lifestyle. They visited our old apartment to gain insights into what are the current constraints and our preference and this had helped us in building a common understanding for the renovation proposal quickly. They showed us catalogues and samples and used mood boards to explain in great detail the pros and cons of our choices. SYRB used computer generated images of our apartment to illustrate our choices, with alternatives alongside. This real-time rendering allows us to visualise the design before the start of any work. They showed us samples of the material to be used and also took us to vendor showrooms to better understand the choices available. We have regular updates of the renovation progress, timelines were managed immaculately and had peace of mind that the project is in good hands, even while on holiday.


To cut a long story short, when we were handed back our apartment the quality of the final product outstripped our expectations. It was the attention to detail and quality of workmanship that impressed us the most. For example because we have two young children, drawers shut slowly and bedroom furniture has rounded corners. Kudos to Mr Ang and his team for a fantastic job done, bringing our ideas to life and making our apartment a place we can call home for many years to come.


– Mr. and Mrs. Anil Shukla, Client 2015 – Present, Parbury Hill Condominium

SYRB has been my family’s choice for interior design and renovation works, ever since my parents first renovated their unit about 30 years ago. Over the years, we have turned to and relied on your team for various renovation projects. Your ideas and candid forthcoming advice have always been thoughtful and well presented, working closely with us on our requirements. Even after the projects have been completed, you have shown immense professionalism and care to ensure that everything was tip top.


Thank you so much for the excellent work done at our unit. We truly appreciate all that you have done for us, and this latest project has further strengthened our trust in you, and the belief that you will continue to be our ID and renovation team of choice.

-Mr. and Mrs. James Goh, client 2011 – Present, Eastwood Condominium

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Dear Mr Ang and Vanice Huang


We would like to thank you both for your professionalism and creativity in designing and renovating our home. The energy you’ve put into the entire project – converting a 30-year-old maisonette into our beautiful dream home – is something we appreciate very much. We’re extremely happy with the outcome!


From finding out about SYRB, to partnering you in the entire renovation project, this journey has been thoroughly enjoyable. In particular, we would like to thank Vanice Huang for her patience and creative energy in putting together a stunning design concept for our home. She has also taken great efforts to provide timely updates throughout the project.


Renovating an old HDB structure is not an easy process. But Vanice managed the project superbly, while coming up with creative solutions to our urgent requests and changes. We will also like to thank Mr Ang for accommodating most of our requests, and for taking time out to personally oversee the project despite his busy schedule.


Our journey with SYRB does not end here. It has just begun – with us being the proud owners of this beautiful new home. We highly recommend SYRB to those looking for creative interior designs and quality finishing. We also love SYRB’s commitment to providing peace of mind for every client.


Once again, thank you both for making our dream home a reality.

-Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Lim, Client 2018 – Present, HDB Maisonette at Tampines

Tung Xan and team at SYRB are true partners. They seek to understand our needs and strive to meet them with their professional advice and expertise. Both the quality of materials used and workmanship are very good, and I must say that after all these years, what they built for us years ago are still in very good condition. Highly recommended.

– Wendy Teo, Client 2010 – Present, Legend Condo

We would like to thank Vanice for the awesome work she has done for our house. We love it so much, mostly because of the pride and quality she had put into it. From the initial stage of design to the execution during construction, her attention to detail clearly shines through!


Thank you Vanice, for being so accommodating with the changes that were made along the way, and also for answering all our questions. We really appreciate it. It has been a fun experience working with all of you, and we will definitely recommend SYRB to our friends and relatives! Cheers!

– Jun Ming & Rachel, Client 2017 – Present, BTO Apartment at Ghim Moh Link

Being the first ever home that we purchased, it was really important that we found the right designers to work with. SYRB came really highly recommended from a friend and from the first meeting, we were sold!


We really appreciated our lead designer – Yong Xi – who would always try his best to accommodate our (sometimes weird) requests and give his honest opinions. In fact, we trusted his advice so much that we would not make any purchases before consulting him! He showed great responsibility throughout and we never had to worry at any one time during the renovation journey.


We were also pleasantly surprised when they went out of their way to get us a few special accessories whilst they were overseas for a business trip.


Thanks SYRB for turning our condo into a home we love!


-Stanley & Cheryl, Client 2018 – Present, Coco Palms Condominium

We have always wanted a place unique to our own, so when we got our maisonette, we started looking around for a designer who could give us ideas that were out of the ordinary. We came across some interesting designs by SYRB on its website and contacted them immediately.


It was the best decision we could ever make.


Our designer, Ms Alicia Ang, heard our desires and played around with reconfiguring the whole unit, opening up and making use of every new space we had never thought of. She integrated creativity with practicality and gave us a home with a “wow” factor. The whole SYRB team also assisted us with every small detail in building our nest to their best professionalism. Today, we are the proud owners of a cleverly designed HDB flat even better than any private property.


Kudos to SYRB!


– Derrick and Lesanne, Client 2015 – Present, HDB Maisonette at Tampines

Our first house in Singapore was a property in Holland Grove Drive in 2007. SYRB was recommended to us by our neighbor, as they were working on their A & A at the time.


Since then, whenever we had interior design and renovation works to be done, we could always trust their professional services to deliver a job well done. Below is a list of completed projects we have had with them. that gives us so much confidence in SYRB:


2010 & 2011 – 2 restaurants
2013 – Apartment at Marina Sail
2016 – Landed property at Sunset Vale
2017 – Landed property at Mount Echo Park


One of the most impresive works they did was in a recent partnership: where they managed to transform the old house in Sunset Vale while keeping the essence of it. I found it very special that they saw the need to add value to the house rather than destroy it.


Therefore, from our years of partnership, I highly recommend SYRB’s service to anyone looking for a team of talented and committed designers/builders.


Mr. Steve Shaw, Client of 2007 – Present, Landed Property at Mount Echo Park

When I needed help in completing my house in 2013, SYRB was the interior design company that I went to on the back of some very stellar recommendations.


Despite a slightly higher price tag, I am pleased to say that not only were their designs beautiful and relevant, the actual carpentry finishing was very well done. But what I was most impressed with was the level of service and dedication from both Tung Xan and Vanice. They are highly responsible individuals who aimed to ensure that I not only have no worries during my house renovation, but that they deliver a beautiful house at the end. Their close supervision over every part of the project meant that the work was performed to a high standard. Even after the project was completed, and all payments made, they continued to follow up on dissatisfactory issues caused by a sub-contractor. In no way did they ever try to avoid this responsibility. I have heard many nightmare stories of contractors who disappear after full payments are made. I am glad I never had that issue with SYRB! Thank you, Tung Xan and Vanice!

-Mdm Amy Ong, Client 2013 – Present, Landed Property at Jalan Tarum

My wife and I love the work that Tung Xan and his team at SYRB have done for us over the years. Not only for their professionalism and beautiful designs, but especially for their personal touch. When we got them to renovate our family home 8 years ago, we would receive daily progress updates and pictures. On a few occasions, I remember Tung Xan buying us teh and snacks as we went through the progress reports of the renovation process. He would also regale me with his funny anecdotes to break the monotony. Love the personal touch!


But, the clincher for my wife and I is in the quality of their work. In particular,  their after-sales service. Their work has been of exceptional quality consistently. Their proposed design has been creative and beautiful.


I never knew that there was such a thing as after-sales service for interior works, but Tung Xan surprised me. When I called him about adjusting one of the doors of our cabinet in the study (1 year after it was done), he came down personally and got his carpenters to practically redo that whole section! His pursuit for excellence and giving his clients the best is what keeps us going back to him.


I have since recommended several friends who have all shared similar experiences.


Thank you Tung Xan and your amazing team for your professionalism and excellence. But most of all, thank you for your friendship. We appreciate you.

-Caleb & Hannah Garcia, Client 2009 – Present, HDB Apartment at Pasir Ris

Thank you for giving us the opportunity to share our delightful experiences.  Although we were glad to work with your team for the 2nd time, we knew it was still a daunting task designing and building a new place from scratch. But, we are very blessed and grateful to have found a partner that we can fully trust and empower.


From our first meeting, we knew we were in good hands when your team made a huge effort to really listen and understand our needs, lifestyles and preferences. All this while giving us practical recommendations and sharing your professional views.


We felt fully supported in every step of the build-out journey, and we are in love with the new space. Thank you for bringing our vision to life and building such a wonderful, practical, warm and beautiful home for us.


Sincerely, Keith and Suz


 – Keith & Suzanne, Client 2004 – Present, HDB Maisonette at Tampines

SYRB did a great job with the renovation of our semi-D. Our ID, Vanice Huang, was able to understand our requirements and propose well thought-out solutions. For people who care about high quality work, fine details, long-term solutions; people who are busy and want a dependable firm they can trust without worry – SYRB is highly recommended. The team was highly responsible and delivered quality workmanship (in particular, their carpentry). They completed our project well within the timeline and there were no surprises when it came to costing. It was also great to work with Tung Xan who deals with clients with a lot of graciousness and integrity. We will certainly call upon SYRB for future work.


-The Gohs, Client 2015 – Present, Landed Property at Serangoon

Recommended by a very tasteful friend of mine, we got SYRB to renovate our 3-storey house that was 20 years in 2014. They were very thorough in terms of the design, detailing and materials choices. They helped us narrow down all the selections to fit within our budget, with all the pros and cons explained well. We understood very clearly what we were getting. With very close supervision and communication between us, every small nook and cranny was tailored to our liking based on either the functionality, design or a combination of the 2.


In 2017, we have, again, gotten SYRB to make additions to the house, like a  patio roof and some carpentry work. Once again, they would take great care of the design elements; to find every possible solution for what we wanted at the price we could afford. They even referenced certain design elements of other houses that we liked, to help us understand the execution of the designs. The magic is in the communication and clear understanding of what we want. Hence, we are always very, very happy with SYRB’s final delivery and end product.


Thank you very much!

-Michele & Jeremy, client 2014 – Present, Landed property at Gentle Drive

Our first experience with SYRB was back in 2004, when they designed and renovated our home.Since then, they have been our choice designer/builder for all our subsequent works in other properties. We find them to be a team of creative, trustworthy and reliable professionals. Their after-sales service is prompt and sincere.


We strongly recommend SYRB for your interior design and home renovation needs.


-Mr. David Yuen, Client 2004 – Present, Landed Property at Hougang

I have been engaging SYRB for almost 2 decades.  Started as a recommendation from a friend in 2000 and since then, SYRB has renovated my own-stay homes and do quick make-overs on my rental properties.  I pay SYRB for project management and have left it to them to renovate my apartments with hardly any self-supervision.  They are also my advisors when I purchase new or resale properties, ensuring there are no hidden risks. In this industry, plagued by so many fly-by-night vendors, reliability is very important. I would strongly recommend SYRB to anyone because I trust them.

-Mdm Alyce Chow, 2000 – Present, ST Micheal Regency Condomnium

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Just as we were buying our home, we chanced upon photos of a project that SYRB had then just recently completed.


We got in touch and knew right away that SYRB will be the only choice for helping us create our dream home.


We were very impressed with their design acumen, and we loved that they were able to clearly communicate their designs via highly accurate 3D-renderings.


They listened to us and incorporated all our ideas and intentions into the conceptualization of the house design. Their knowledge in the feasibility of certain design elements helped ensure our satisfaction with the final outcome. Everything went as planned and the project management was impeccable.


SYRB is very good at what they do. Always warm and friendly.


-Mr. Justin Ho, Client of 2015 – Present, HDB Masionette at Tampines

We write to express our gratitude and thanks for a job well done. Everything was completed on time and in accordance with what we wanted.


We are especially grateful to Ang Sim and Vanice for the way they coordinated their works with other tradesmen. This was highly beneficial to the successful completion of the renovation.


We certainly will have no hesitation to re-engage the services of SYRB or recommending them to any of our friends and contacts.


-Mr & Mrs Kenneth Lee, Client 2012 – Present, Apartment at One Devonshire/The Makena

I was introduced to SYRB and Mr Ang through my cousin. After meeting 2 other ID companies, I had decided to let SYRB renovate my flat.


I didn’t have time to inspect the progress of the renovation.  However, a staff was assigned to keep me updated every week whenever any major works were  carried out.


After hearing all sorts of horror stories about renovation companies, I was very pleased with the work done by SYRB. I was glad that I didn’t have to go through the hassle of supervising the renovation work. The carpentry work was of high quality.


Most of all, Mr Ang and his team are very responsive and responsible. They were very helpful even when I had some issues after more than a year since the renovation.


I would highly recommend SYRB to anyone looking to a trustworthy ID to do the job.

-Ms Caren Kwok, Client of 2014 – Present, HDB Apartment at Telok Blangah

We engaged SYRB for ID & renovation works based on the recommendation of a close friend. It was for a cluster house with 4 stories. The work required was major, so we moved out for 4 months during the renovation period.


The SYRB team, led by Vanice, takes huge pride in the quality of the work and  services. During the 4-months renovation period, there wasn’t a single time when we felt the need to go to the site to check on the progress. SYRB had been extremely proactive in terms of updating us on the progress. There were  multiple occasions during the project where SYRB initiated some rework without us demanding the changes. They simply place quality as their top priority


We are very happy with the result. The end product looks exactly like the 3D visuals. But, the best part is the after-sales service. They are extremely prompt in terms of fixing the minor defects.


I have since recommended SYRB to a couple of other friends. If you are looking for quality and proactive services, SYRB will be the right choice.

-Mr. Chen Peng, Client of 2017 – Present, Cluster house @ Gerald Drive

I have been working with SYRB’s Mr Ang since my very first home in 2004.  Over the last 13 years people have recommended IDs who were cheaper or more creative in their opinion but when it came to making a decision, I invariably went back to Mr Ang.  As most people who have experienced the frustration of renovations work would know, having a responsible party to take care of all the odds and ends and subsequent follow-ups is of paramount importance.  Not only does he take care of that, he is also offering advice and practical alternatives every step of the way.  SYRB’s ID team has gone from strength to strength over the years but their personalised follow-ups have not been compromised.

Ms Lim Jen, Client 2004 – Present, Astrid Meadows Condominium

We started our first project with SYRB & Mr. Ang in 2008, upon the recommendation of a friend. The design, quality of work and reliability are very good. We were very satisfied with the work and ended up giving them 2 other projects (in 2010 & 2016). Our prior experiences with IDs before SYRB were poor, as they usually ignored us after the job was done. Usually, minor issues will surface 6-12 months after the initial completion of the project. But,  SYRB would always be available to tend to them (especially Mr. Ang). We are definitely very satisfied with SYRB.


-Mr. T. K. Yap, Client 2008 – Present, Cluster House at Barker Road

When my wife and I got our keys to our new EC, we were searching around for a reliable and trustworthy company to assist us with the design as well as the renovations. After an initial discussion with Tung Xan, we found his insight and advice invaluable. We were initially overwhelmed with a bevy of ideas but Alicia of SYRB managed to help us narrow down our choices and design to something that exceeded our expectations. The workmanship was top notch and you could tell that everything was well thought out and executed. We had daily updates from them and everything was completed in the stipulated time. Even after the renovations were completed, they would call periodically to check and was able to rectify any problems asap. I would definitely recommend SYRB for all your renovations and design needs.

-Mr Tristan Siu, Client of 2015 – Present, Trillant Condominium

SYRB has good design and uses good material. Staff is friendly and responsive to our needs. After sales service is good.


-Ms Lew Mi Yih, Executive Director of Cornerstone Community Services Centre

Choosing SYRB to renovate our new home was definitely a great choice. They took time to understand our needs and to translate our needs and budget into a design that was beyond our expectations.


The quality of work was excellent and the team’s experience shows in the advice they gave us in terms of managing our budget, the practicality of the design and best materials to be used.


The team was also timely and kept us abreast at all times of the progress of the renovation. What we appreciate most is their honesty in sharing many secrets of the trade to help us get the most of our dollar.

-Mr. L. Y. Lim, Client 2013 – Present, HDB Maisonette at Pasir Ris

When we got our flat in 2005, we renovated it with SYRB. SYRB listened to our needs and gave us a home design that was practical, and we are still receiving great comments from friends and tenants. 10 years on, we moved overseas, but the flat had needed some minor reworks in order to place it back in top leasing quality.


We contacted SYRB and they were quick to respond. They liaised directly with the rental agent and tenants to get the works done. Throughout the painless process, we were kept updated on the works to be completed, and photos were shown to suggest what to be replaced or repaired. Dealing with SYRB was an authentic and honest journey. No work was left incomplete, and at no point did we have to do any second-guessing. All works were agreed upon prior to commencement, and completed within the agreed time. SYRB kept in contact to make sure that everything was working well in the flat, even after handover and when tenants had moved in.

-Jonathan & Lynn, Client 2005 – Present, HDB Apartment at Pine Close

SYRB is a professionally-run interior design company. Their team is equipped with the rich experience of a builder and good working knowledge of architecture/structural works. Their remarkable teamwork with the Architect and Structural Engineer has resulted in the prompt completion of their projects, as well as the ability to keep the cost within budget.


Starting from 1994, I had done a major A & A to my house at Broadrick Road with the company’s predecessor. That was followed by 2 subsequent major A & A, in 2008 and 2015. Throughout the years, their standards remained consistent, thereby validating my decision to continue our working relationship. I went to them for a total revamp of our dry kitchen and living hall in 2016, and a revamp for my library in 2017. Our relationship has already passed the 30-year mark by this date.


I would also like to commend Mr. Ang Sim, their Project Manager. He is the person who has been taking care of all the works, and whom I find trustworthy, reliable and highly responsive to calls for after-sales service.


To conclude, I am completely satisfied with working with SYRB. I would  recommend them, with the highest confidence, to anyone looking to reconstruct their houses or carry out major A & A.


-Mr. Shashi Lal Kashyap, Client 1994 – Present, Landed Property at Broadrick Road

We engaged SYRB through our family member’s strong recommendations,  and are very satisfied with the work they have done with our home.


As we were still based overseas during the entire renovation period, it was important to us to work with someone who communicated well. We needed someone we could trust to handle the renovation with minimal supervision from us.


Many thanks to Yong Xi, our designer, who sat through long Skype sessions with us to talk through the details in the designs. He made sure to listen to our preferences and provided options based on what we liked. He also gave us many Whatsapp updates on the renovation works as they were taking place, which we very much appreciate.


We are pleased with the quality of the workmanship, and have not encountered any issues so far.


Thank you!

-Ms. Christina Teo, Client 2018 – Present, BTO Apartment at Buang Kok Crescent

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