Residential Home Interior Design & Renovation


Residential Interior Design & Renovation

Home Renovation is more complex than it looks.  To create a comfortable home for our clients, we need creativity to execute pleasing designs. We put much effort and thought into the entire project, especially with research, design, planning and execution.

Lifestyle preferences of the owners is our key consideration. To design a space that matches our clients’ requirements, we will invest time and effort to understand their tastes, attitudes and percepti­­ons of style.

Functionality of spaces is also important when planning for the various needs and purposes of the client. For homes with limited space, we rely on out-of-the-box ideas to maximise usable space.

Style & Design brings out the soul and vibrancy of the home, turning an architectural blueprint from dream to reality.

Customised carpentry services: Some houses can have angular corners that are difficult to fill. Others may want to knock down walls for a minimalist design. To achieve this, we provide customised carpentry services to bring your dream into reality. After all, It’s about building liveable homes suited for your lifestyle. Learn more the importance of good carpentry services here

Testimonials: Our satisfied clients can attest to the great work that we’ve carried out. When you look at your home, you see infinite possibilities. We’ll work hand in hand with you to bring these dreams to life. Contact SYRB Singapore to build your desired home interior design now. See more of our clients’ testimonials here.

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