Landed House Interior Design & Renovation


Landed property interior design can become tricky and time-consuming. Unlike HDB or condos, a landed house renovation has different renovation guidelines from the authorities. For example, you may need to apply for a planning permit depending on your type of property and what you want to do. 

Therefore, you need to hire an interior design firm that is well-versed with URA guidelines and has good experience working on A & A / Reconstruction projects. They should be able to advise you accordingly and link you up with an Architect or Professional Engineer for planning submission to the authorities.

SYRB has a vast portfolio of renovating landed properties. If you choose SYRB, we will work hand in hand with you. Our goal is to build an interior design that is suitable for your lifestyle yet appealing and unique.

We have a track record of transforming and renovating multiple types of landed property, from terrace houses, bungalows, to semi-detached houses. Under our care, you can expect the finest high-end, luxury designs for your brand-new home.

Ultimately, the space advantage and multiple possibilities of landed property – be it a terrace, bungalow, or semi-detached – is something every homeowner should maximise.

At SYRB, we value transparency and communication across all our projects. Our qualified interior designers will keep you updated with the renovation project, and continue to keep in touch with your post-renovation. So work with SYRB to get your home’s most luxurious interior design today.

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