Terrace House at Eng Kong Road

Landed, Residential
About This Project

A homely vibe with an understated sophistication, the interior of this house was designed through the interplay of lighting, layering, colors and materials. In the ground floor, the dark walnut wood paneling is complemented by beige, neutral colors that dials down the heaviness while emphasizing on the warmth that wood introduces.


The carpentry units are layered and space-planned as individual blocks, further spotlighted by the deliberate use of lighting. Like curations in an art gallery, each unit is distinct but the general mood of the space, still cohesive as a whole.


The playroom was designed with functionality in mind so that it adapts to the needs of the users as they grow up. In the long run, the spaciousness of the room allows opportunities for further expansion. For now, the bottom storage units of the display cabinets are designed to allow easy access for lower ages while doubling up as storage units for outdoor leisure activities.

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