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Our in-house carpentry workshop (located in Paya Lebar) is equipped with the latest machinery and manned by highly experienced and professional carpenters. They help ensure that your carpentry work showcases the best quality finishes.

Our customers receive highly customised designs that are easily translated into beautiful carpentry, furniture, and fittings.

We provide only the best quality for every installation under our charge. Every detail will be meticulously taken care of to ensure that the finished product measures up to your expectations, be it for your residential or commercial interior design needs.

Why does having an in-house carpentry team matter for interior design?

Carpentry is key to creating a beautiful home. It gives the interior a structured look. It’s also the first item that your guests will notice when you visit the newly renovated home. Interior design requires good carpentry work to ensure that the house looks complete.

With an in-house carpentry team, SYRB offers:

  1. Quality: Our team of highly skilled carpenters can oversee the entire installation process and ensure the best quality of workmanship.
  2. After-sales support: If you wish to make any alterations to the carpentry after the home renovation is complete, we have a dedicated after-sales service to assist you in your needs.
  3. Customised projects: With our very own carpentry workshop, we provide customised and bespoke designs suited for your home.

To learn more on why you should invest in an in-house carpentry team, visit our blog.

At SYRB, we transform spaces and make every dream home come to life. If you are searching for a trusted team to deliver your modern luxury designs, engage our premier carpentry services for your home today.

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