To bring out the best in a commercial space, we place emphasis on the following elements:


Physical decoration forms the foundation of the entire space and sets the cue for overall mood and tone. The visual elements of the space could be enhanced through making the right choices in flooring materials, screens, wall finishes.


Visual layout enhances the overall customer experience and this aspect is being governed by the choice of materials, textures and colours. These factors accentuates the character of the space as it conveys the ambience and brand positioning of the product or services being offered.


Acoustics management creates the right sound environment required by the purpose of the space (e.g. event, dining, display, hospitality etc.). Using the right selection of acoustic materials such as ceiling boards, wall coverings, carpets and draperies could help to eliminate or amplify the sound effects.


Lighting governs the mood and energy level of the space, for example bright settings could be applied for retail/display spaces to draw traffic, whereas warmer settings could be ideal for restaurants to create a more comfortable environment and and a lighter dim could be applied to hospitality and spa environments.

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